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Time is an asset and never enough for anyone, you can’t beat the time he is always ahead of you, but you can maximise the time. Everyone needs more time to get more things done, everyone needs time to achieve more, everyone needs more time to be proficient in what they do. We all need more time to do more.


Consider the time spent in your place of work, jobs, offices just to earn a living  and yet more things needs your attention, like your kids,your wife, your husband, family members, pleasure , rest, meditation but to mention a few.

Now let’s consider one of the major thing that consume your time.

  1. Shopping in the open market and in the supermarket to get what to eat, you soup items, your meat, fish , vegetable,  Iru (locust beans) , tomatoes and pepper , yam, garri, beans, rice, provisions, toiletries , water, drinks, eggs, semo, and other things you can possibly get in the market. And moving from store to store to gets all these items consumes a whole lot of time. And no matter how tired you are u just have to find out time  from the no time to get all of these done because man must eat and satisfy the body.

And Every other things that has to do with buying consumes so much time.


That is why we at westmoore have been able to consider all these factors and have design a flexible, simple and reliable markets that suits your job and whatever occupation you engage in, to save your time and give you more time to stay with your family, time for more fun, more time to rest, more time for creativity and to reduce or possibly eliminate the stress of going to the open market to meet your needs at no extra cost.

We help meets your market needs and get it delivered to you at your doorstep.